Mobile Apps that
change your business

We create and develop mobile applications for Companies: they are intended to simplify inner processes, and increase their efficiency through mobile devices use.

For the past 10 years, Mitric products, through the implementation of mobile platforms, have been meeting technological development and evolution of business processes, trading sectors, and communication.

Mitric is a dynamic and creative company, constantly aiming at the best outcome; our team is highly professional and skilled: programmers, designers, and digital communication experts.

Today Mitric operates with its own products and services in any market; we have achieved top-level expertise in various sectors:

  • Food

  • Insurance

  • Banking

  • Publishing

  • Training

  • Pharmaceutical and beauty

  • Large-scale retail trade

  • Manifacturing

Mitric provides its services supported by: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Seeweb cloud Italian server.

Those who invest in Mitric and our products share our vision: increase the Company relationship with all market players: employees, partners, suppliers, up to the final clients.

Reference partners
Magnetic Media Network s.p.a.
Ideapura SA


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